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We want to start off by saying that we really appreciate all the love and support from all of you guys over the years! We are always so overwhelmed with the amount of love you all show this venue and the staff. With that being said, we wanted to let you know the good news first. We will (fingers crossed) be opening a venue in the greater Chattanooga area in May/June 2014 which is extremely exciting. Unfortunately in the meantime we will be closing the Warehouse Venue located in Cleveland, TN. Our last show there will be January 26th with some great friends and family performing on that show. It has been a great time and has been worth every minute of being in Cleveland and providing a loving music community there. We hope that all will stick with us and continue to support us in our down time and in preparation for the future! There are a several great shows in Cleveland in Dec/Jan, please come out and support these last few!


Well we have not updated this deal in forever!! We are still alive and kicking though.. Things have been going great, we have had a lot of concert events going and a lot of movement in the local music community! We have just updated our events page with a ton of upcoming concert events, so please go and check that out. With that being said, I would like to let you know that the Warehouse Venue located in Harrison at the "Camp Joy" facility will no longer be hosting concert events. Due to major sound issues we will no longer be meeting there for concert events. We would like to say thankyou to all who supported us there and a huge thanks to Rick Mcknight and the Walterbaugh family for all of the love and help out there. We will continue to host events and reach out to the community in Cleveland at our venue there, so please continue to support us there! Hope to see you all soon.


Both venues have been going great! This past weekend we were blessed to have "Trip Lee" in the house at Warehouse Chattanooga, and also host Amongstthegiant for one last time at the Warehouse Cleveland. God is doing some big things in this area and we are just honored to be a part of that. We have so many upcoming events, please check our events page and come out and support when you can.


This weekend is the Warehouse Chattanooga Grand Opening out at Camp Joy in Harrison, TN! We are super excited about it and hope that you all can come out and be a part of this wonderful evening! $10 at the door and the doors are at 6:00p.m. Please visit our events page for a list of the bands performing. The Vertical skatepark will be open that evening for a $5 fee to skate all night!! Also the concession bar will be open, so bring extra cash to buy food/drink. See you Saturday the 19th!


We are exactly 1 month away from our Grand opening at our new Chattanooga location!!! Extremely excited and cannot wait for you all to come out and see it and support the music community and the bands. Will be $10 at the door for this one, also bring extra cash for food, games, merchandise etc. etc. Be checking back for the official flyer and all information.


We are excited to announce that we are partnering with "Camp Joy" located at 6636 Hunter Rd. Harrison TN to finally open our Warehouse Chattanooga location!!! Our grand opening will be January 19th 2013! This location will offer an indoor skatepark, skateshop, music venue, food bar, acoustic stage along with coffee bar, rock climbing wall, basketball court and much more!! Please stay tuned for more details. This place is so sweet and we can't wait for everyone to come check it on Jan 19th. Bands will be announced soon. If you gave $10 or more to the kickstarter, that will be your free show to come to. Thanks for all the support, we will be posting pics and more info on shows very soon! Warehouse Cleveland will continue to stay open, so that means 2 new spots to see shows and have a good time!


What an amazing weekend at Warehouse Cleveland. Huge thanks to all the bands and people who continue to come out and support the music community there in Cleveland. We have some sweet things in the works so stay tuned, add us on twitter/facebook and help spread the word and the love. Have a good week folks!


Opening weekend for Warehouse Cleveland was amazing! Many of you came out and supported the hard work and all the bands that performed. There was such a strong sense of community and this has deffinately opened a new chapter for the Warehouse and for the local music scene of Cleveland, TN. We cannot wait to see what God does in the local community there. We are just thankful to be a part of that.